22 Jun

China is famous for having many different types of food. Since it is so big, before cars and other forms of modern transportation were invented, many Chinese people were isolated from each other for long periods of time, making them create their own different customs and styles of food. Western China is famous for its spicy food, Eastern China is famous for its seafood. Beijing is famous for Mongolian Hot Pot.

I love all kinds of Chinese food but I think my favorite is Sichuan hot pot or 四川火锅. Its a very involved eating process. A hot pot is unique because everyone puts their own food in a boiling pot of water in the middle of a big circular table to cook it, then takes it out when its ready. When you go to eat hot pot, you need to bring people that can eat the things you do. This was our problem tonight. I cannot eat fish, chicken, soy, sesame, etc. One of my friends that went with me does not eat red meat! This was kind of a problem. We were pretty lucky though because we knew just enough Chinese to get a pot that was split into two different sections, so our food didn’t touch. Sichuan food is really spicy. When you eat something out of a hot pot, your tongue will tingle, and you will sweat. Its funny to think about how Sichuan is has an extremely hot climate in the summer, yet they still love spicy things.

We ate like kings for like $7 a person. In our side of the pot we had thin strips of lamb and beef. In the other side, they had chicken. We also had some vegetables which were pretty good.

Anyways, on a personal note, I am very tired. I haven’t had more than 7 hours of sleep in a night since I came to Shanghai. That being said, I’m going to bed early tonight!


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