Allergy Troubles – 过敏=麻烦。

22 Jul

This post will also be in Chinese!!!

If you know me, you know I am allergic to almost everything. In China, this is a problem. One of my most prominent allergies is to soy sauce and here they put soy sauce in everything. I often eat out at restaurants in China because 1: I don’t have much time to cook my own food and 2: the cost of eating out every night is so cheap that it is worth it. Here you can buy beef and noodles for about 10 kuai at an expensive place. 10 kuai is less than 2 dollars. I usually buy an all meat an vegetable meal though, so that costs about 30 kuai which is still only $4 compared to a $12 steak meal back home.

The fist thing I did before and after I came to China is to look up how to say and read all the things that I am allergic to (not an easy task.) At these restaurants I generally tell the waiter that I cannot eat these things and she usually either says ok or I have to order something else form the menu. Even though I tell them not to put these things in, I think there is still contamination from sharing the cooking surfaces or they do not know exactly what has or doesn’t have that stuff in it.

Today I am going to see a Chinese medicine doctor. My teacher gave me a list of all these legitimate shops and places where I can get treated for my allergies. I actually already have a list of herbs and stuff that I will buy. I found this list when I was searching for studies on Chinese medicine curing allergies. Apparently there is currently a study being done in America that has had success using these herbs.

I also want to get accupuncture. Chinese medicine could work for me, who knows. Many Chinese people believe it is better than western medicine. In some ways, it could be true. They have a much longer medicine history than we do.




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